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Harnessing the power of data, technology, and information to enlighten and enable informed choices

Multiple Awards & Partners

Over the years, we have worked with multiple partners and have won awards & grants for our work.


Information is power

At Factly, data and information serve as the foundation of everything we do. My vision in founding Factly was to harness the power of data & technology to spread fact-based awareness so that individuals and institutions alike can make decisions rooted in credible information. With a commitment to facts, we aim to build a better-informed society.


— Rakesh Dubbudu

Founder, Factly Media and Research


What we do?

Democratizing data and journalism for an informed society. From in-depth stories to cutting-edge products, we champion transparency and critical thinking.

Data Journalism

Bridging the vast expanse between public policy and its beneficiaries. Through in-depth analysis of government data, we craft narratives that inform and empower.


Fact Checking

The truth matters. Our dedicated team dives into the depths of social media, ensuring what's shared is genuine. Moreover, we inspire our audience to be fact-checkers too. Question everything.


Audio-Visual Production

Where data meets storytelling. Our audio-visual productions range from insightful YouTube series to data-backed podcasts, engaging a myriad of audience types.


Data & AI Products

At the heart of Factly Labs lies innovation. Utilizing AI and advanced technology, we transform intricate data into simple, understandable formats.


Open Source Products

Sharing is caring. Our open source products are a testament to our commitment towards transparency and collaboration, fostering a world where information knows no bounds.


Research, Training & Advocacy

Nurturing a new era where decisions are grounded in evidence. Through our multifaceted initiatives, we're building a culture of discernment and data literacy.


About Factly



Factly utilizes fact-checking, data journalism, open data, and audio-visual content to promote civic participation and engage citizens with government data and information at all levels. We build innovative technologies and products to make public data & information more accessible and understandable.



Factly aims to transform India's public information landscape by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve public understanding and use of important government data & information. Through our fact-checking, data journalism, open data work, and audio-visual content, we strive to become India's most reliable and significant public information and governance resource. Our goal is to empower citizens by making public data and information more transparent and accessible.

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Factly Media and Research was founded in 2016 to make public information & data more meaningful.

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